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Buzzworthy: Two Hornets injured in loss to Warriors

The Hornets picked up a couple injuries in the loss to the Warriors.

The Charlotte Hornets lost 101-87 to the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night. The loss isn’t that surprising given the opponent, but what will hurt more than anything are the injuries the team picked up.

Both Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller suffered leg injuries. Kaminsky sprained his right ankle, while Zeller strained his left knee.

This leaves the Hornets incredibly thin in the front court if one or both miss time. Johnny O’Bryant is the team’s remaining front court player, and he will likely be asked to play heavy minutes from the bench (comparatively to what he played earlier in the season, anyway). O’Bryant is solid, but he’ll be asked to do a lot if both players can’t go. Two-way player Mathiang Mongok will likely see a call-up to at least add depth.

Outside the starting lineup, expect a bit of small ball from the second unit. It could be disastrous, but they have little choice at this point. MCW, Monk, Lamb, Bacon, and JOB? Marvin Williams and Nicolas Batum will slip in for stretches as well, but this is the reality, unfortunately.

Kemba Walker’s importance

Walker’s importance is clear to anyone, but let’s give John Schumann a chance to show just how important he is:

This seems like a good thing on the surface, but it also shows that Charlotte is far too reliant on him. It indicates that beyond him, the Hornets cannot replicate Walker’s impact. Notice the list is largely devoid of All-Star players? The likes of LeBron James and Steph Curry play on teams that can win without them. As good as they are, there are other players that can get it done when they head to the bench. And yes, James and Curry have All-Star teammates to pick up the slack, but what’s evident with the Hornets is that Walker is essentially carrying the team. Without him, they likely don’t have a chance.

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