Charlotte Hornets at Indiana Pacers


No Nic Batum (migraine). Had a CT scan which according to Hornets broadcaster Stephanie Ready was precautionary and came out negative...and the team is hoping to get him back soon. 

Pacers back to back coming from snow NYC


Pretty much the opposite start defensively for the Hornets. Pacers 1/7 from 3. 

Briante Weber checks in. Aggressive and communicative on defense. Not afraid to take some chances. On offense he was aggressive getting to his midrange game.

Frank Kaminsky clutch play at the end of the 1st to force three FTs. 


2nd unit does a good job creating some offense. Briante-4. Belinelli-6. Frank didn't shoot from outside well but he had it going inside and got to the freethrow line. 

Thought Kemba forced some things in the 1st half. No turnovers but telegraphed a few rim runs and had them sent back. Was frustrated at not being able to be more involved in the offense. 

Paul George 5/8 for 12p. Getting it going from everywhere and anyhow. 

Offense felt the loss of Nic Batum in that first half. A lot fo guys creating for themselves where they would look to Nic Batum to set something up or pull the defense with a drive. 


Paul George opens up the quarter unguardable

Kemba and Co. doing a good job of taking advantage of 1-4 switches when they could get them. 

7:30 - Finally get a stop on Paul George and they can't secure the defensive rebound. Pass to the corner for three. Timeout Hornets.

Zeller dives on the floor for a ball, bobbles it out to Marvin who can't get it off the floor. IND ties it up. EMBLEMATIC