Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons


Hornets get into the penalty with over 7 to go

Get Drummond and Leuer in foul trouble, enter Boban

Boban goes to work on the O-boards

Hornets 2nd unit defense an absolute sieve.


Batum in to give them a boost on offense.

Boban gets a double double early in the 2nd 10-10

Drummond gets back again against the bench which is exactly what DET wants

KEMBA draws a 3 point foul to pull within 10


KEMBA come in and knocks down a three.

Hornets get Drummond in foul trouble

Roy Hibbert dream shake 8:00 STEPBACK 3 look

3:40 Pistons 3. Frank gets knocked off his closeout so easily


Kemba gets them back in the game after Nic goes down with an injury

Spencer Hawes playing schrodengers basketball can’t tell if he’s keeping the Hornets alive or killing them. Then he hits those huge threes.

Twitter asking why not go with Roy Hibbert in the 4Q when the Hornets?

Last inbounds play. Cool play. Neat play. Bad decision. Quick decision. Only one tick off the five second clock. Kemba’s shot would have been crazy difficult and it may not have gotten off on time but Marco’s had no shot.

Hornets now 3-5 on the SEGABABA….12-4 last season.

POSTGAME: Clifford says that if they want to be the team he knows they can be this is the kind of game they have to win. Losing close games, haven’t won an OT game

He also criticized the bench play. Defensively they just weren’t good enough to compete.

                  Could it be time to consider lineup changes once Nic and Cody return?

                  Problem is what do you do? Do you send MKG down and bring Marco up. Now the starting unit has two wings that can’t guard elite players.

                  If you send Cody down and elevate Roy you miss everything good defensively and offensively he was giving you playing with the best players.