Charlotte Hornets vs. Indiana Pacers


8:19 missed Zeller dunk. Injury still bothering him?

6:13 two straight defections MKG Marvin

3:38- Zeller perfectly timed screen to open Nic for three 18-11 CHA. These two just work so well together. Cody is devastating with these offball screens.

JOB 2 nice def poss on Jefferson. Nifty pass to Nic Batum on the DHO Roll.

batum buzzer beater


Hornets defensive intensity A++. Roberts, Williams and EVEN BELLY with hands up and hearts out on defense. Making life difficult for a lot of the Pacers passes. Forcing nearly everything outside the paint.

6:30 kemba walker killer crossover

JOB uses his wingspan and energy to deny passing lanes

5:30 Kemba dashes in for a OREB and draws the foul. Unbelievable.

HALFTIME: Kemba amazing. Defense more amazing. Neutralized everyone except Paul George. Kept the ball out of the paint. Rebounded well. Neutralized Myles Turner.


Hornets getting a ton of OREB

Teague taking command and leading IND on a scoring run. Getting by Kemba with ease. He's so quick off the dribble. 

pacers finally getting the ball into the paint

KEY PLAY: roberts secon 3 off a great kickout from Bryant who's shot was just off tonight. Stopped the bleeding.

after leading by 21. Enter the 4th with an 8 pt lead


Belinelli shooting struggles continue

Lamb scoring big crunch time buckets

6:07 KEY PLAY block on PG that goes out of bounds. Had to slow him down and come up with a stop.

Hornets missed a couple wide open threes that could have put it out of reach or swung the momentum too far for the Pacers to recover. Just haven't been able to knock those down this season.

kemba makes it 92-79 on a three. Next possession he attacks immediately and it leads to a defensive scramble and open layup for zeller. Relentless attack. Its what the Hornets are known for when they are at their best. Saw it from the usual suspects but you also saw it from Batum aggressive attacking passing lanes and getting deflection. You saw it from JOB getting his hands up. From Lamb attacking the paint. 

PSA never do the wave at a basketball game. DEF never do it during the 4th quarter while your team is shooting freebies.