Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat


Kemba scoreless (0-4)

Batum aggressive.

Lamb big lift off the bench. 

Another nice high low JOB dropoff pass


Miami start with an 8-0 run. Hornets fight back. 

Miami responds with a barrage of threes led by the Dragic/Waiters combo

Johnny O'Bryant leaves the game with an ankle sprain (does not return)

Hornets counter-counter-counter punch by using aggressive defense to get into quick offense



HALFTIME - Kemba said in the 1Q he was shooting to shoot...but in the second he was shooting to MAKE.

Playoff intensity


Hornets do a great job of denying Whiteside but the Heat weren't looking for him all that much either.

Whiteside only getting touches off OREB

Batum sprains his ankle after stepping on a ref's foot. 



Marvin Williams massive block

Nic Batum returns.

TOO MUCH JOHNSON!! James Johnson a huge factor late. 

4:30 bad OREB allowed to Miami

Kemba and Waiters trade ridiculous clutch makes. 

1:25 left. James Johnson misses a 3pt. No one blocks out Waiters who brings it back out and goes into classic ISO Waiters mode. Jacks up a terrible three and I looked down at my twitter to type out CLASSIC WAITERS in all caps only to stop halfway through when Miami gets the OREB. Zeller leaves the paint. Batum doesn't chase down the board. 

Clifford "It's just inexcusable"

Walker gets the and-1 and then the steal but misses the layup that would have cut it to 2 with :20 to play

would have still had to foul


"guys off the bench were not up to it defensively"